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         Mrs. Virginia Sundin is a Minnesota native, mother and grandmother of four.

         Her astrology studies have been life long, and in depth. Included in the list of those who have mentored and taught her are:

         She has an extensive client list after having been a regular attraction at the Rennaisance Fair in Minnesota, Texas and                   , since 1989, and at many other metaphysical events. Click here for a few sample testimonials.

         Opportunities to attend classes taught by Virginia are intermittently available, usually in the Twin Cities. Watch this site for more details of the next class. Click here for information updates on classes.


  • Single Charts and consultation:$95.00
  • Compatibility (two) Charts and consultation:$150.00
  • Parties minimum $200.00
Call for other pricing
CELL: 612 636 3600
PHONE: 1 320 877 7364
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